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Late Spring

I love the sound of the singing birds, Flittering throughout the trees, And the sight of yellow and purple flowers, Visited by fat bumble bees, I love the taste of summertime sweets, Like a delicious cup of ice cream, Or a dripping ruby watermelon, The simple life–like a dream, I love the feeling when the air is still, The…


When she’s gone it always feels like she’s gone for too long, All I can do it wait by the door, And greet her with eager kisses when she returns, But one day recently she didn’t go, We lounged on the sofa all day long, She read a book and I rested my head in…

Teaching a Girl

A woman is taught many things in life Cooking, cleaning, and sewing From a girl she’s taught how to be a wife Society does this without even knowing A girl is taught above all else—be polite She can’t get dirty playing with boys Propriety is her only delight She mustn’t make too much noise Nobody…

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