Sweet Dreams

Restless awakening, tossing and turning, ripping me from sweetest delusion,
5 more minutes I plead and beg, but the merciless blaring doesn’t relent,
The alarm always sings too early on the days it takes me away from you,
Mundane drudgery awaits, but I’m enveloped in the bliss of your embrace,
Hiding under covers, the sun’s cruel light beckoning from the spaces between the drapes,
My eyes tightly shut, wrapped up in blankets I can’t will away the morning,
I can’t savor the fleeting breath of your lips pressed to mine amidst all this noise,
I can’t believe it’s not real, You were here just a moment ago, I swear,
What I would give to be permanently sedated, lingering in this twilight,
Closer to gentle death, the kindest remedy for a torturous existence without your touch,
I wonder which is greater pain? Dreamless nights without your visits,
Or nights like this where I have to leave your memory behind once again?

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