Plunge into the depths
Chilling, paralyzing
Weighing the regrets
Span the great divide
Between feeling and knowing
Going against the tide
With contention growing
Bogged by indecision
Swimming against the current
Growing harder to listen
As it becomes more urgent
Struggling through night
Gasping, desperate for air
Why does choosing what’s right
Bring such despair?
Change is so hard
Amongst this chaos
Always on guard
And feeling so lost
Unable to turn back
Trapped in the abyss
Clarity fades to black
Thoughts growing amiss
Water fills the lungs
Impossible to breathe
When had this begun?
Now so hard to see
What was once innocent
Has become all consuming
Now ambivalent
As the future is looming
There is no scapegoat
Consequences are in view
Struggling to stay afloat
There’s only one thing left to do
Where to start
In a world so strange?
With a heavy heart
It’s now time to change

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