Searching for Signs

Groping in the dark with moonlight gleaming,
searching desperately for hidden meaning,
Looking for truth in the lyrics of a song,
while trying to discern right from wrong.
Begging for answers with each prayer,
A keen mind reeling in despair,
With no firm direction from intuition,
hoping fears don’t reach fruition.
Confusing growing from inside,
As the quest for knowledge is denied,
Behind each small act, some cryptic meaning?
And what response should be proceeding?
Examining each choice of word spoken,
That resonates in a heart that’s broken.
Some foreshadowing of what’s next?
Unanswered questions in a mind perplexed.
What is the difference between truth and fiction,
when all that’s felt is mounting friction?
When the past is so full of heartache,
logic won’t endure another mistake.
Yearning for some slight relief,
A foundation on which to build belief,
Hoping this anxiety will dissipate,
to blindly leave the future up to fate.
Still there is no way to truly know,
in matters that only time can show,
Because no fortune-teller nor a tarot card,
could reveal the secrets of the heart.

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