Let You In

Maybe I shouldn’t have let you in… but I did
When you first asked to see what’s inside, I hid
I had been masquerading behind a life of fun
Drinking and partying with the setting sun
I built walls and kept my fortress strong
But you tried so hard to prove me wrong
You wanted me to be open to your love
Although I tried explaining I’ve had it rough
You persisted so sweetly, so kind and tender
Those are the fondest memories I remember
We all have our wounds from the past
And you fell for me so deeply, so fast
So I slowly started to open up
And you got to know what made me so tough
Once I finally started to truly trust
You did things to fill me with regret and disgust
Maybe I should have left that very day
But something about you made me stay
Since those days my mind’s been reeling
I know I’m not always the best at dealing
Sometimes I lash out from the pain
And look at you with such disdain
But the root of that is all in fear
Because I want to believe you’re all mine, dear
I can forgive some early transgressions
If I feel you’ve really learned your lesson
It isn’t something I can take too lightly
Or I’d be wasting time if you undervalue me
I sit and wait for some magical proof
An until then I might seem at times aloof
I truthfully want to treat you right
And have you hold me through every night
So I’m working hard for my heart to heal
Because somehow I just know this love is real
Once I forgive and swallow all my pride
I’ll have you always by my side

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