Fireworks in the warm summer sky
Ignited by passion promised to burn a million years
An embrace blazing hot as the sun
Two stars colliding in pure ecstasy
Fireworks, a perfect explosion
Dazzling all who look upon their beauty above
A four letter word escapes sweet lips
A blissful bond—unbreakable
Fireworks, the light begins to fade
As the autumn wind blows cold
The magic embers left to grow dim
Confused lovers left searching at nightfall
Fireworks’ light has dissipated
Cinders suffocate, scattered across the ground
Twinkling stars tempt the wandering eye
The splendor of the fireworks all but forgotten
Winter’s chill provides still no respite
Smoldering intentions frozen by half-truths and deceit
When the sun’s warmth is most desired
Uncaring arms can’t stop the shivering
Still no matches, no flint are found
No efforts are made to rekindle the sparks
Confusion turns slowly to heartbreak
And since the path is dark, she wanders blindly into the night

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