Newest Friend

Hello Peanut!
Hi there little one,
I can’t wait for you to come out,
And join in all the fun!
There are so many adventures
Thrills both big and small,
Many will make you smile,
And you can learn from them all!
Everyone is so excited,
Waiting for the day we meet,
To see your 10 little fingers,
And 10 tiny toes on your feet,
Will you have big eyes like mommy,
or features like your dad?
I’m sure you’ll be a genius,
and never do anything bad.
It’s truly fantastic,
to have a brand new babe,
I’m sure you’ll be remarkable,
once you come out to play.
Your Auntie loves you dearly,
It’s already plain to see,
I’ll be there for you any time,
You can always count on me!

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