Perfect Timing

The universe does things so perfectly,
It doesn’t make a single mistake,
When you don’t get what you were asking for,
It simply wasn’t truly yours to take.
Opportunities seem to pass you by,
But you can’t always determine the course,
Surrender the turmoil and frustration,
Lest you’ll end up with the wrong things forced.
Often quick to make brash decisions,
Thinking that you know what is best,
You can wrinkle the fabric of your life,
And miss out on how you’re blessed.
Thinking, rushing, and over-planning,
It’s easy to have the wrong attitude,
Becoming impatient and demanding,
Susceptible to lose sight of gratitude.
Give thanks for every ray of sun,
From all negativity be released,
When you rejoice in the simple things,
You’ll find steadfast peace.
You’re fast to be dissatisfied,
But serenity comes from a mental shift,
And sometimes when prayers go unanswered,
This is a great secret gift.
Your path has been set so long ago,
What’s meant for you will come your way,
Relax and be still in the meantime,
For it might not happen today.
Breathe slowly while you’re waiting,
Take comfort in the moments between,
Take solace in the impeccable timing,
The bigger picture remains largely unseen.

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