Say Goodbye

Where there was once tender embrace
There is now a widening space
Where there was once a blistering passion
There appears to be such little attraction
What once was whole and complete
Has been marred with cruelty and deceit
Lovers once thought to be heaven sent
Are plagued by a sense of discontent
No understanding, only dissention
And growing feelings of contention
Outcomes that are looking bleak
With fewer and fewer words to speak
Time that was spent in adoration
Had been swallowed up by confrontation
This emptiness and lack of connection
Breeds a yearning for affection
Desperate desires go unfulfilled
As deep resentment begins to build
Yet a need grows stronger for loving attention
Unquenchable with such apprehension
Although appearing unaffected
Both are feeling profoundly rejected
Aching hearts constantly disappointed
A partnership that’s become disjointed
Such effort needed for a feigned care
Evidently now broken beyond repair
No longer the apple of lover’s eye
It’s clearly time to say goodbye

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